About MN Strong

MN Strong

How did MN Strong get started?


It all started on a grassroots level by teachers. After a tumulutous year in the Ferguson-Florissant School District, many teachers began seeking employment elsewhere. A couple of teachers decided that McCluer North is a very important part of them, so they decided to stay at MN and try to improve things. Quickly, they realized that many people felt the same way. MN Strong then gained momentum as an entire staff came together to make positive changes in our school, both for our teachers and our students. As a result of the entire staff's effort, we continue to work to make McCluer North great for the students and the community.

What is MN Strong All About?


  • Creating changes that are teacher-founded and teacher-driven
  • Working to create the best environment for students and teachers
  • Enhancing a tradition of pride and excellence in teaching and learning
  • Delivering tangible, aesthetic improvements to the school environment
  • Revitalizing a school environment that inspires students
  • Developing the best teachers through teacher-driven professional development
  • Upholding high standards for staff and students so that McCluer North gets our best efforts
  • Partnering with administrators and community to strengthen school culture
  • Structuring a system of support to welcome new students that will make them an immediate and successful member of the McCluer North family