Student T-Shirts

MN Strong

Student T-Shirts

Star Nation Shirts

The Star Nation shirts were designed with the idea of getting as many MN students a McCluer North t-shirt as possible. Thanks to incredible support through a gofundme, we were able to provide 750 students with t-shirts for just $5. We were also able to purchase an additional 150 Star Nation shirts to give away to transfer students free....immediately making them a part of the MN family! To go along with owning the shirt the students received incentives to wear it through out the year:


  • Free entrance to first home football game
  • Free hot dog/popsicle at various tailgates
  • Free MN Strong Lanyard
  • Free entrance to a boys basketball game
  • Free entrance to Senior Night girls basketball game
  • Free entrance to Senior Night wrestling match
  • Other various incentives

We Are MN Strong Shirts

As you can imagine, the students wanted their own version of MN Strong gear. We were able to design this t-shirt along with MN Strong sweatpants. This t-shirt was only $10 and came with a personalized nickname on the back. It was great to see over 100 students order the shirt and wear it proudly!